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Terin Ostler and the War of the Words

Michael A. Ventrella

ISBN: 978-1-5154-2418-5

186 pages, $13.99


Also available as an ebook, $5.99



Book 2 of the Tales of Fortannis.

Everyone thinks Terin is the "chosen one" who will defeat the gryphons at the Arch, but he has no idea what it is he is supposed to do. And just when it looks like things are getting really bad… they get worse.


"A non-standard quest story with an atypical thrust-into-the-role hero that nevertheless keeps you turning the pages at the end of every chapter, eager to find out what happens next. Full of engaging characters in a well-crafted world, read it for the twists you'll see coming, and the ones you won't." —Elektra Hammond, buzzymag.com

"A late twist lends the entire novel a surprisingly tight narrative." —Pat Ferrara, Mania.com

"There are surprises around every corner to keep the reader engaged and guessing." —Beth Patterson, author of The Wild Harmonic

Introduction to the New Edition:

Arch Enemies was my first novel, originally released in 2008. It was way too long.

This re-release has allowed me to split that long book into two, rearranging scenes and otherwise improving on the original. You technically do not have to have read Arch Enemies to understand this book since there is a bit of exposition at the start, but you really should read the first in the series to get to know the characters and better understand what their goals and desires are. Also, you'll miss some funny stuff.

Have fun!

—Michael A. Ventrella
Autumn 2020