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Release the Virgins

The Kickstarter Project




As of December 26, 2018, we're a little behind our original schedule for the book, but the end is in sight. The books have been printed, and are currently on the road toward the Fantastic Books offices. The book is now available for pre-order from your favorite retailer, in both case laminate hardcover ($25.99, ISBN: 978-1-5154-2383-6) and trade paperback ($14.99, ISBN: 978-1-5154-2384-3).

For future updates, please check out the book's actual Fantastic Books page, at http://www.fantasticbooks.biz/fantasticbooks/fantasy/1515423840.html.

The table of contents has been finalized, so here's a taste of what you'll be reading:
Foreword by Ian Randal Strock
Introduction by Michael A. Ventrella
Valedictory by Lawrence Watt-Evans
Sidekicked by Hildy Silverman
Command Decision by Steve Miller
Are You There, Cthulhu? It’s Me, Judy by Beth W. Patterson
Innocence Lost by Gail Z. Martin
How Mose Saved the Virgins of Old New York by Allen Steele
The Fires of Rome by Jody Lynn Nye
Salvage by Shariann Lewitt
The Midwinter of our Discontent by Keith R.A. DeCandido
Coming Attractions by Daniel M. Kimmel
Cracking the Vault by Matt Bechtel
The Coffee Corps by Alex Shvartsman
The Vestals of Midnight by Sharon Lee
Paradisiacal Protocols by Gordon Linzner
Brass Tacks by Cecilia Tan
Old Spirits by Brian Trent
The Running of the Drones by Patrick Thomas
Dangerous Virgins by David Gerrold
About the Authors
Kickstarter Supporters


June 8, 2018 update: Today we crossed the $5,000 funding threshhold! That means the campaign is a success, and the anthology will appear later this year.

But there are still nine days left in the Kickstarter campaign, so there's time to hit one (or more?) of our stretch-goals, which will add more stories to the book (including slots for authors who aren't already involved to submit stories).

So thanks for your support! And feel free to keep help spreading the word, to make releasing these virgins even more of an event!

Original page:

Which "release the virgins" do you prefer?
Release the Virgins: a term of art in biology (boring).
Release the Virgins: the title of an anthology you know you want to read (fun!).

Well, that's a question. But the real question is, what does Release the Virgins mean to three Hugo Award-winning authors, three Skylark Award-winning authors, a WSFA Small Press Award winner, a couple of best-sellers… well, the slew of wonderful wordsmiths who are participating? Help us find out by sponsoring our Kickstarter project, and we'll fascinate, enthrall, and entertain you!

Who are those authors? Keith R.A. DeCandido, David Gerrold, Daniel M. Kimmel, Sharon Lee, Shariann Lewitt, Steve Miller, Jody Lynn Nye, Alex Shvartsman, Allen Steele, Cecilia Tan, Patrick Thomas, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and several others. And putting it together as editor, the inimitable Michael A. Ventrella.

Why "release the virgins," you may ask. Well…

Did you ever have one of those late-night conversations with a bunch of erudite friends, and one of them says something that sounds so incredibly clever that the rest of you start to build on it, and it turns into an idea that you all adopt as the next really big thing? Of course, in the morning when everybody wakes up and sobers up, the idea turns out to be not really quite so wonderful.

In the harsh light of day we've decided we can't decide if it's a good idea that needs to be encouraged or if it's a bad idea that needs to be strangled in its crib. So we are asking you to help us decide.

Some background: we were sitting at a table in the bar; it was late on the third night of a four-day convention. Heidi caught a fruit fly and I said Drosophila melanogaster, its Latin name. Thomas translated that as dew-lover dark-belly [The name drosophila comes from the Ancient Greek words (drosos) meaning dew, and (philos, with a Latinate feminine ending as phila) meaning lover. The name melanogaster also comes from Ancient Greek, from the words (melas) meaning dark-coloured, and (gaster) meaning belly.]. That led him to reminisce about his time as a biology student and at one point in the fruit fly's life cycle, he had to "release the virgins."

Michael said "I can turn that into an anthology." Thomas said "I can paint that cover." And then I scratched my chin and said "I think I can publish that." David and Hildy seemed to come up with an idea for a story telepathically. Kelly said "I can write the tentacle porn story."

I thought about the business aspects of publishing this book and we all continued to think about what we had said and now it is several months later and we have decided to ask you if this is an idea worth pursuing.

If it goes somewhere, I can foresee sequels, too: Attack of the Virgins, Revenge of the Virgins

A list of ten virgins, in no particular order, and on one page, because I hate click-bait:

So please, click through to our Kickstarter project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/667435382/release-the-virgins. And please, tell your friends!