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Press Release

September 3, 2019

Across the Universe: Tales of Alternative Beatles
Coming to this Universe in December

What if the Beatles had never met? Would we enjoy Dave Clark Five-mania? What if Brian Epstein hadn't managed the band? What if George Harrison hated sitar music? What if Ringo had been the true star of the band all along? What if the Beatles had been aliens? Or magic users? Or [*gasp*] American?

Those were the questions we asked our authors, and they responded brilliantly. The eighteen stories in this anthology will lead you down those rabbit-holes—and many more—into alternate history, parallel worlds, the truly outrageous… and some places you never thought the Beatles could go.

Across the Universe: Tales of Alternative Beatles was Fantastic Books' second successful Kickstarter campaign. This spring, more than 250 people agreed that this anthology needed to exist, and pledged more than $8,000 to help create it. We contracted with editors Michael A. Ventrella and Randee Dawn—whose shared idea this anthology originally was—to edit it. And they worked with 18 authors to produce the book you now hold. (With cover art by the brilliant comic artist Dave Alvarez.)

Contributing authors: Matthew Amati, Eric Avedissian, Patrick Barb, Charles Barouch, Gregory Benford, Pat Cadigan, Brenda Clough, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Gregory Frost, David Gerrold, Alan Goldsher, Sally Wiener Grotta, Carol Gyzander, Gordon Linzner, Gail Z. Martin, R. Jean Mathieu, Jody Lynn Nye, Beth Patterson, Cat Rambo, Spider Robinson, Ken Schneyer, Christian Smith, Allen Steele, Bev Vincent, and Lawrence Watt-Evans. With an introduction by Nancy Holder.

Across the Universe: Tales of Alternative Beatles
edited by Michael A. Ventrella and Randee Dawn
Simultaneous publication: December 1, 2019.
300 pages
hardcover: $26.99. ISBN: 978-1-5154-2395-9
trade paperback: $15.99. ISBN: 978-1-5154-2396-6

Across the Universe—and all Fantastic Books publications—are distributed through Ingram, and available through all major online retailers and specialty sf shops via direct order from the publisher.