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Press Release

August 31, 2009

Texas is Wonderful, But Not as We Know It

Fantastic Texas will transport you not only to the future and past of the most independent state in the Union, but to alternate Texases that never were, or perhaps ought to have been.

Journalist Lou Antonelli's first collection, Fantastic Texas, has just been published by Fantastic Books, and is now available. In this volume, readers will meet the man who learned to intercept telegraph signals with his teeth, and the last of the demons who once ruled the Earth. They'll discover the alchemists' secret, and the hidden nuclear weapons left over from a 10,000 years-gone war. And they'll learn just why it is that the perfect match may be easier to find than they thought, and what might have happened if the Superconducting Super Collider had actually been built. Magic, alternate universes, global warming, and alien kidnappings: it's all here in this wonderfully engrossing collection of stories originally published in some of the biggest (and smallest) speculative fiction magazines.

Antonelli was born in Massachusetts and grew up in New York, but he's a Texan at heart and at home. He moved to the state in 1985, and spends his days as the managing editor of the Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune. He got his professional fiction start much later in life; he sold his first story in 2003, and has published nearly 50 in the intervening half-decade. Ten of his stories have received honorable mentions in the industry-benchmark The Year's Best Science Fiction.

Fantastic Books is a new small-press publisher of science fiction and fantasy books. Created as part of the larger Wilder Publications, Fantastic Books brings back into print authors' out-of-print backlists, and seeks out collections by up and coming authors, such as Antonelli. Editor Ian Randal Strock not only buys for Fantastic, but is the editor of SFScope.com, a freelance editor, and an author is his own right.

Fantastic Texas is a 152-page trade paperback, priced at $13.99 (ISBN: 978-1-60459-911-4), and is available through Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and directly from Fantastic Books.