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Press Release

June 25, 2016

Fantastic Books Announces Four New E-books

Fantastic Books announces the publication of its newest ebooks, a selection of great books now available electronically from all major ebook retailers, in a variety of formats:

These electronic publications continue Fantastic's commitment to providing the best speculative fiction in both high-quality, long-lasting physical editions and easy-to-consume electronic versions.

Dancing Through the Fire: A Collection of Stories in Five Moves, is the last collection Tanith Lee put together before her untimely death. Leavening favorite older stories with several new pieces, the collection has garnered appreciate reviews, including Publishers Weekly: "Lee's decadent, Gothic-inflected pieces range from delicate fantasias about the whims of a personified death to straightforward, suspenseful sword-and-sorcery featuring resourceful but outmatched thieves.… The collection's most emotional and most recent pieces are meditations on the power of art.… But it's difficult to read the stunning new piece 'Burn Her,' in which a dead painter's right arm refuses to either stop painting or succumb to fire, as anything other than Lee's graceful acknowledgment and defiance of her own mortality, a very high point in this uneven swan song." Dancing Through the Fire is currently a finalist for the Locus Award for Best Collection.

Romance on Four Worlds, subtitled "A Casanova Quartet", follows Tom Purdom's Joseph Louis Baske, a far-future fellow who has modeled his life on the classic Italian adventurer and lover. A Publishers Weekly starred review called the book "…delightful… a surprising amount of depth and sympathy… These deeply human post-human romances exemplify a new and exciting way of combining romance and SF, and they are a pleasure from beginning to end." Locus Online said "Purdom succeeds in fashioning some farcical yet genuinely speculative and authentic romps along themes that are noticeably and regrettably absent from so much SF." Tangent said the book is "definitely worth a look," while Intergalactic Medicine Show said it is "consistently thoughtful, sensitive and mature." Locus Magazine said it is "hugely entertaining," while Analog said it is "a delightful little book." Romance on Four Worldsi> was named to Locus Magazine's 2015 Recommended Reading List.

Distant Seas is a novel of high-tech, far-future sailing adventure, around Antarctica, in the clouds of Jupiter, and on the plains of Mars. A Publishers Weekly starred review said Bud Sparhawk "has created a riveting and tightly wound interplanetary adventure.… a rousing and thoughtful adventure with roots as deep as the oceans themselves." Analog said "Sparhawk's descriptions of future sailing technology are ingenious and persuasive.… his depiction of Louella herself is what shines brightest. Intelligent, strong-willed, driven, and heroic—Louella Parsons has all the qualities she needs to triumph over the many obstacles in her path. It's a delight to accompany her on her adventures."

Tales of Time and Space is the newest collection from multiple Hugo Award-winner Allen Steele. The stories in the book include many stand-alones, as well as new entries in his hugely popular Coyote and Near Space series. A Publishers Weekly starred review called it "eloquent… a wonderful introduction to Steele's work, in which he stretches his talents…" Intergalactic Medicine Show called it "a robust sampler of Steele's recent work" and "a gratifying journey." Analog said these stories are "the kind of science-based, extrapolative tales that we all enjoy."

"The readers' hunger for our books is truly gratifying," said Publisher Ian Randal Strock. "I was surprised to see our first sales of these ebooks came within twelve hours of releasing them, before we'd even had a chance to announce their availability." Fantastic Books continues to publish quality fiction in a variety of genres, and looks forward to even more growth in the coming months and years. We've recently expanded our reprint line with the "Foundations of Steampunk" Collection, including several classic by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, and we have several new novels and collections lined up for publication in the coming months. As always, keep an eye on www.FantasticBooks.biz for the latest news.