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Press Release

May 30, 2012

In the Shadow of the Wonder Wheel

Gray Rabbit Publications is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of Carren Strock's first mystery novel, In the Shadow of the Wonder Wheel.

When Mallory awakens with no baby, blood on her hands, and a suddenly empty womb, the police instantly assume she's disposed of her unborn child. But she knows she never would have. Now she has to dodge suspicious cops, blood-thirsty killers, and mysterious relatives to find her baby before it's too late. Street-wise Moses is her only ally as she attempts to regain her memories while chasing through the seedier side of New York's former beachside playground, Coney Island.

Gray Rabbit is pleased to welcome Carren Strock's In the Shadow of the Wonder Wheel to its growing list of original fiction titles. The 192-page trade paperback will list for $14.99 (ISBN: 978-1-61720-730-3).

Strock is best known for her ground-breaking non-fiction exploration of a formerly taboo topic, Married Women Who Love Women (Doubleday, 1998; Routledge, 2008). Last year, Gray Rabbit published her exploration of the writing life, A Writer's Journey: What to Know Before, During, and After Writing a Book (Gray Rabbit, 2011).

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