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Press Release

October 4, 2012

Fantastic Books announces first art contest: Illustrate Daniel M. Kimmel's first novel

In 2011, Fantastic Books published Daniel M. Kimmel's non-fiction Jar Jar Binks Must Diei> to wide acclaim, and not a little laughter. In 2012, it was a Hugo Award finalist.

Now Fantastic Books is gearing up to publish Kimmel's first novel, the science fictional comedy Shh! It's a Secret!, which Robert J. Sawyer has already called "the book we've been waiting for from Dan Kimmel—funny, knowing, fast paced, full of humor, and told with a big heart. An absolute joy." As part of the worldwide [web] marketing campaign, the publisher is opening its doors to aspiring artists with our first "design the cover" cover art contest. We're looking for the illustration to front the novel that will sell it far and wide.

The winner will receive a token monetary payment ($50), but more importantly, cover credit and publication on the book (along with contributor copies).

The key elements to illustrate are the alien Brogardi (see description below), their spaceship (see description below), and the key location of Hollywood (California). Also, the cover will need to include the following text (the artist can either use the text, or leave space for it): the book's title and subtitle (Shh! It's a Secret: a novel about Aliens, Hollywood, and the Bartender's Guide), the author's name (Daniel M. Kimmel), and the fact that he's also the author of "the Hugo Award finalist Jar Jar Binks Must Die".

To enter, send a sketch of your proposed cover (and a link to some of your finished work) to fbartcontest@hotmail.com.

Deadline: October 31, 2012.
Judges: Publisher Ian Randal Strock and author Daniel M. Kimmel.
Prize: $50, publication on the cover, contributor copies, and acclaim.

The Brogardi and all descriptions are the intellectual property of Daniel M. Kimmel.

The first Brogardi seen on Earth is described as "human in size and shape, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, four limbs that looked just like arms and legs. His clothing consisted of a dark jacket and slacks, and a lighter colored shirt. The cut wasn't like anything I'd ever seen before, especially the lapels on the pants, but the overall effect was decidedly human, or at least humanoid.… he was hairless or, at least, bald. And blue. He also had two flapping pieces of tissue on either side of his throat that turned out to be some sort of vestigial gill. The Brogardi, we would discover, could easily stay under water for several minutes at a time, but couldn't actually survive down there."

The spaceship is described as "a large metal box on four legs, with a kind of round ball on top.… There was something about the geometry of the ball that wasn't quite right. It seemed to keep shifting or turning or something. The image just wouldn't come into focus."

For more information, see this press release announcing the book: http://fantasticbooks.biz/fantasticbooks/sf/shhfront.html.