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Press Release

April 8, 2012

Fantastic Books' First Hugo Nominee

Fantastic Books is thrilled to announce that Daniel M. Kimmel's Jar Jar Binks Must Die is a Hugo Award finalist, one of five on this year's ballot in the category Best Related Work (for books of non-fiction related to the field of science fiction, fantasy, or fandom).

Fantastic is the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Gray Rabbit Publications, a small press publisher that was formed barely two years ago. Jar Jar Binks Must Die… and other Observations about Science Fiction Movies is Fantastic's second non-fiction collection, and first Hugo nominee.

As the book title indicates, author Daniel M. Kimmel is not only a film critic with strong opinions, he's also a fan. In this collection of essays, he covers movies from Metropolis (1927), answering the absurd claim that the restoration of this silent classic negated its status as a science fiction film, to how Star Trek, Avatar, Moon, and District 9 may have made 2009 a "miracle year" for the genre. Along the way he looks at neglected works like Things to Come (1936), explains why remakes aren't always bad, and how seeing E.T. in an empty screening room changed his mind about Steven Spielberg.

About the author: Daniel M. Kimmel is a past president of the Boston Society of Film Critics. When it was discovered he is also a science fiction fan he started getting invitations to participate at a number of SF Conventions, which he continues to do. He reviewed for the Worcester Telegram and Gazette and now writes for Northshoremovies.net. He is a correspondent for Variety, the "Movie Maven" for the Jewish Advocate and teaches film—including a course on SF and horror—at Suffolk University. His essays on classic science fiction films have appeared in several publications including Clarkesworld, Space and Time, and the Internet Review of Science Fiction. He is the author of a history of FOX TV, The Fourth Network (2004) which received the Cable Center Book Award. His other books include a history of DreamWorks, The Dream Team (2006) and I'll Have What She's Having: Behind the Scenes of the Great Romantic Comedies (2008).

About the Hugo Awards: The Hugo Awards are awards for excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy. They were first awarded in 1953, and have been awarded every year since 1955. The awards are run by and voted on by fans. The Hugo Awards are awarded each year at the World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon). Voting for the awards is open to all members (attending and supporting) of that year's WorldCon.

The Hugo Awards are named after Hugo Gernsback, a famous magazine editor who did much to bring science fiction to a wider audience, and is known as the Father of Magazine SF. Gernsback founded Amazing Stories, the first major American SF magazine, in 1926. Born in Luxembourg in 1884, he moved to New York City in 1905 and became a naturalized American citizen. Gernsback died in 1967.

About Fantastic Books: Fantastic Books is the speculative fiction imprint of Gray Rabbit Publications, LLC. Fantastic Books publishes new and reprint speculative fiction titles in both beautiful, long-lasting print-on-demand editions and electronic editions. Reprinted authors include James Gunn, Tanith Lee, S.N. Lewitt, Michael Moorcock, Mike Resnick, and Norman Spinrad. Recent new titles include Allen Steele's collection Sex and Violence in Zero-G, T. Jackson King's YA novel Little Brother's World, and Daniel M. Kimmel's nonfiction Jar Jar Binks Must Die. All Gray Rabbit and Fantastic titles are available from the major online retailers, and are distributed via Ingram to physical bookstores. Owner/publisher Ian Randal Strock also edits SFScope.com, and has been a science fiction editor and writer for more than two decades.

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Drop-in paragraphs:

Hugo Nominee has Double BU Connection [for Boston University and Boston outlets]:

Author Daniel M. Kimmel received his law degree from Boston University's School of Law, where he wrote for Comment, the law school newspaper. He currently teaches film at Suffolk University. Publisher Ian Randal Strock received his BA from BU's College of Arts and Sciences, and got his start in publishing at The Daily Free Press, where he worked as Deputy Editorial Page Editor, Assistant Book Review Editor, Classified Advertising Manager, a staff reporter, and an op-ed columnist during his junior and senior years.

New Brooklyn Publisher Publishes Hugo Nominee [for Brooklyn and New York City outlets]:

Publisher Ian Randal Strock was born in Brooklyn, and has worked in publishing for two decades, most of that time in science fiction. In 2010, he formed Gray Rabbit Publications, LLC, and its science fiction imprint, Fantastic Books. In the last year and a half, his company has published more than 50 books, both new and reprint titles, as high-quality trade paperbacks and affordable e-books. All Gray Rabbit and Fantastic titles are available from the major online retailers, and are distributed via Ingram to physical bookstores.