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Press Release

June 30, 2010

Little Brother's World

Little Brother lives on the underside of society, but he knows he's different. He knows he's destined for something greater than the life of a scavenger, but he doesn't know what.

Everyone in Little Brother's world has short gene codes tattooed on their forearms, detailing their commonness, except for Little Brother. He doesn't have any gene code tattoo, and no one can tell him what that lack means.

One day, scavenging in the Alor City Dump, the garbage talks to him. Either he's going crazy, or someone has thrown away a person. Against his better instincts, he answers, and discovers Sally, who has the longest gene code tattoo he's ever seen or heard of. She must be a Breed. Little Brother realizes talking to the garbage may have been a stroke of good fortune: he can sell Sally back to her family.

Visions of riches and comfort disappear when Little Brother and Sally discover her parents have been murdered. Now they're on the run from forces far more powerful*#8212;and far more sinister—than either of them have encountered or imagined.

In Little Brother's world, survival is paramount, and Little Brother's strange talent may hold the key—if only they can figure out who wants Sally dead, and why.

T. Jackson King, a professional archeologist and journalist, has worked in the American Southwest, and has traveled widely in Europe, Russia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. His prior science fiction novels are Retread Shop (1988, Warner Books) and Ancestor's World with A.C. Crispin (1996, Ace Books). His short stories have appeared in Judgment Day and Other Dreams (2009, Fantastic Books), while his poetry was collected in Mother Earth's Stretch Marks (2009, Motherbird Books). He now lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico, with his wife Cathy, and can be reached at tjacksonking [at] hotmail [dot] com. His other writings can be viewed at http://sff.net/people/t-jackson-king.

Fantastic Books is proud to present our first original novel, Little Brother's World by T. Jackson King, to be published in trade paperback in September 2010 (ISBN 13: 978-1-60459-940-4; ISBN 10: 1-60459-940-5; 214 pages; $13.99). Fantastic Books was originally formed to bring speculative fiction authors' out-of-print backlists back into print, but we've recently expanded to publish our first original collections, and now our first original novel.