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December 26, 2018

Fantastic Books Newsletter #4

Quick-shot newsletter:

For those waiting on Release the Virgins, the books have been printed, and are currently being shipped here. It won't be long now.

But the actual news that prompted this newsletter is… Publishers Pick is once again offering a fantastic book from Fantastic Books. This week's offerings include Allen Steele's Tales of Time and Space, David R. Palmer's Emergence, and the Fiction River anthology Wishes, all for at least 50% off their cover prices.

Tales of Time and Space (published by Fantastic Books) contains twelve astounding stories of science fiction. Tales of adventure, mystery, and romance in the grand tradition by "one of the field's very finest writers" (Robert J. Sawyer). From the deserts of Mars to the distant frontiers of the galaxy, from an island paradise of the 1930s to an apocalyptic showdown between humans and robots on the day after tomorrow, Allen Steele transports you to worlds unvisited and events that haven't been experienced… until now!

Of Wishes, the publisher writes: Forget the old adage that cautions against wishing. The sixteen stories in this latest Fiction River contain just the right amount of heart, magic, pathos, and even hope. From a daughter hoping to save her father with a crash-course in wishery to an unfortunate victim at the wrong end of someone else's wish, these stories show teens trying to wish away their problems—with often unexpected results. But no matter the dilemma, this volume of Fiction River promises to lift your spirits and remind you just how much magic the universe offers.

Emergence was nominated for the both the Nebula and Hugo Awards, and won the Compton Crook Award for best first novel.

As always, Publishers Pick books are available for a very limited time, at discounts of at least 50% (and sometimes more) off full list price. Now is the time to scoop up these electronic gems, because next week, they'll be back at full price… and Publishers Pick will have three new books to delight and tempt you.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share this newsletter far and wide.

—Ian Randal Strock, Publisher