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Press Release

June 3, 2011

King Freedom

When tyrant fanatics long have commanded both government and institutions of religion, what can ordinary people do? People just trying to live a decent life, sometimes just trying to live at all. People of sincere faith, or of none.

King Freedom is a tale of escape from oppression. Both an actual escape, and the story of how one young man so beaten down he has no personality at all can grow to be a full human being.

Uncle River has lived in and around Catron County, New Mexico, for the last thirty years. Presently, he lives in Pie Town, New Mexico, where there are more elk than people, a mile from the Continental Divide. After many years as a hermit, he has reentered the world by joining his local Volunteer Fire Department and becoming an EMT. He is available for interviews.

River's recent publications include Counting Tadpoles, a story collection with work from Analog, Asimov's, Amazing Stories, and the Year's Best Fantasy; and Camp Desolation And An Eschatology of Salt; both from PS Publishing. A new edition of River's fictitious Mogollon News, set in the ghost town where he lived for five years, is forthcoming from Fantastic Books.

The title character and concluding scene of King Freedom came to River in a dream.

Fantastic Books has just published King Freedom. The 238-page trade paperback ($14.99, ISBN: 978-1-60459-924-4) is available to retailers from Ingram, or directly from Fantastic Books.