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Press Release

December 25, 2014

Fantastic Books announces year-end triple of ebooks

Fantastic Books is ending 2014 with a triple bang: ebook versions of three of our biggest launches of the year. Now available from all major ebook retailers, in a variety of formats, are:

* The Memory Singer by T. Jackson King
* The Clock Struck None by Lou Antonelli
* Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic edited by David Sklar and Sarah Avery

These electronic publications continue Fantastic's commitment to providing the best speculative fiction in both high-quality, long-lasting physical editions and easy-to-consume electronic versions.

The Memory Singer, T. Jackson King's newest YA novel, follows 18-year-old Jax as she tries to find her way in the world. But it's not the world we know. She and her Ship-family of ten are the only humans within light-years, and she's struggling with her future. Will she join the family business, or lose herself among the wolf-like Alish'Tak aliens? Analog said "The Memory Singer is a coming of age story reminiscent of Robert A. Heinlein or Alexei Panshin. Jax is a fun character, and her world is compelling. The social patterns of Ship life are fascinating, and the Alish'Tak are sufficiently alien to make for a fairly complex book. Very enjoyable."

The Clock Struck None is Lou Antonelli's latest collection, a volume of "alternate and secret history short stories," and it includes his Sidewise Award finalist "Great White Ship." Kirkus chose The Clock Struck None as a "Best Bet for Speculative Fiction Books—February 2014." Amazing Stories said that "Antonelli has a unique voice," and that the stories in the book are "logical, believable, and thoroughly enjoyable… fresh and original, and most importantly, entertaining."

Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic was Fantastic Books' first original anthology, edited by David Sklar and Sarah Avery. The book features 18 magical tales of travel and transactions, ranging from busking in a train station to walking between the worlds, from doppelgangers for hire to capturing the remnants of the dead. It includes classic stories by Elizabeth Bear, Daniel Braum, George R. Galuschak and Darrell Schweitzer, as well as new work by Pauline J. Alama, Megan Arkenberg, D.W. Carlson, Joyce Chng, M.C. DeMarco, E. Grace Diehl, James Enge, Manny Frishberg, Sara M. Harvey, Scott Hungerford, Deborah Grabien, Deirdre M. Murphy, Rhonda Parrish, Richard Rider, and Heather Stearns.

As Fantastic Books wraps up our fourth year of publishing the best in new and reprinted speculative fiction (including the Hugo finalist Jar Jar Binks Must Die and the Compton Crook finalist Shh! It's a Secret) we're looking forward to even greater things in the future. We've already come to agreements on several major acquisitions, which we'll be announcing early in the new year.

Publisher Ian Randal Strock says, "I've been building the company in a sustainable, self-supporting fashion. It's resulted in perhaps slower growth than we otherwise might have seen, but I feel very good that the company has no debts and is healthy. In 2015, I'm looking forward to increasing the pace of growth, both with new acquisitions and new projects. So, thank you to all our readers and writers, artists and editor, who've helped bring us to this point. There's more to come!"