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Convention Weekend (second of 2024)

Next weekend is another science fiction convention weekend. I’ll be at Boskone, once again in the Westin Waterfront in Boston. As always, I’ll be tethered to the Fantastic Books dealer table (Friday, 4–8pm; Saturday, 10am–7pm; Sunday, 10am–3pm).

And you’ll be able to catch me on some fascinating programming, including:

Friday at 5:30pm in Harbor III: “‘Our Air! Our Water!’ Space Independence” with Brett James, Steven Popkes, John Scalzi, Romie Stott, and Erin Underwood

Friday at 8:30pm in Harbor III: “Legal and Actuarial Supernatural Hypotheticals” with R.E. Carr, Jack Cullen, William Fletzer, and Michael Green

Saturday at 2:30pm in Harbor III: “Worldbuilding New Folklore for Fictional Worlds” with Ben Aaronovitch, Sarah Beth Durst, Amelia Leonards, and Emily Hurst Pritchett

Saturday at 8:30pm in Harbor II: “Radical Economics in Speculative Fiction” with R.E. Carr, Vincent Docherty, Will McMahon, and Christie Meierz

Hope to see lots of you there!

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