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Marla flees her abusive father and the chill of Maine, expecting to be saved by the protective arms of her boyfriend. Instead, she is stranded, alone in Manhattan with no one to turn to and nowhere to go. In that moment of fear and despair, Marla vows to make a life for herself, looking toward a future of possibilities and the end of her painful past.


Long-buried family secrets unravel, urging Marla along a rocky path she had never imagined. She finds solace in her ballet training, but yearns for romance and a meaningful relationship. Challenged by mounting debts, Marla answers a newspaper advertisement and is hired sight unseen as a nude model, setting into motion a series of missteps that may keep her from ever finding happiness.


Love remains out of her reach until the unexpected happens, an accidental meeting will change her life. But the path is fraught with risk. Will Marla falter, or can she take the next step?

STEP BY STEP by Bunny Shulman

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