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Meet Malcolm, an ambitious young artist sculpting a work in a ramshackle garage behind his parents' working class home. Consumed by love for both his art and his neighbor Cynthia, his dreams are crushed when his tyrannical father deliberately destroys his just-completed sculpture.


That destruction, however, sets Malcolm on a course to his destiny. That course will lead him from suburban Virginia to New York City, a magnificent art studio, and public acclaim. But it will also take him away from Cynthia.


On the road, Malcolm grows and matures. He comes into his own, yet he's unable to completely leave home behind. That oppressive environment, and the one bright spot that was Cynthia, will be with Malcolm always.


Will he succeed? Will he make his mark on the world? Will he be happy? Will he successfully maneuver through the Turning Point?

TURNING POINT by Bunny Shulman

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