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Reading Outside of the Lines

Gregory Benford

Nebula Award Winner

Gregory Benford is the winner of the Phoenix Award (2004), Forry Award (2016), and Robert A. Heinlein Award (2019) for lifetime achievement.


His stories have won two Nebula Awards, and been finalists for another 11:

  • "Deeper Than the Darkness" (1970, novelette)

  • "If the Stars are Gods" (written with Gordon Eklund; 1975, novelette winner)

  • "White Creatures" (1976, short story)

  • In the Ocean of Night (1978, novel)

  • Timescape (1981, novel winner)

  • "Swarmer, Skimmer" (1982, novella)

  • Against Infinity (1984, novel)

  • "Newton Sleep" (1987, novella)

  • Great Sky River (1989, novel)

  • "Matter's End" (1993, novelette)

  • "Soon Comes Night" (1996, novella)

  • "Dark Heaven" (2009, novella)



His stories have been finalists for the Hugo Award four times

  • "Deeper Than the Darkness" (1970, short story)

  • "Doing Lennon" (1976, short story)

  • "A Snark in the Night" (1977, novella)

  • "Immersion" (1997, novella)


His novel Timescape won the British SF Association Award and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 1981.

His story "Lady with Fox" was a finalist for the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award in 2015.


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