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Michael A. Ventrella with his books at Central New Jersey Mensa's Snowball Regional Gathering, March 4, 2023.

Welcome to Fantastic Books at Boskone 2023.

Randee Dawn holding "Across the Universe," which she co-edited. (Boskone 2023)

Walter H. Hunt and his novel, "A Song in Stone." (Boskone 2023)

Editor Tom Easton holding the first three volume of the "...for the Throne" anthology series. (Boskone 2023)

Daniel M. Kimmel with a pre-release copy of "Can Your Heart Stand the Shocking Facts?" His faux-scholarly deep-dive into "Plan 9 from Outer Space." (Boskone 2023)

Michael A. Burstein with his collection, "I Remember the Future." (Boskone 2023)

Steve Miller, author of one of the stories in "Release the Virgins." (Boskone 2023)

Lisa Hunt, Walter H. Hunt, Michael A. Burstein, young Ms. Burstein, and Scott Edelman. (Boskone 2023)

Andrew Porter and Fantastic Books editor Darrell Schweitzer. (Boskone 2023)

Walter Jon Williams. (Boskone 2023)


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