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Back (left to right): Ian Randal Strock, Randee Dawn, Keith R.A. DeCandido. Front (left to right): Samantha Katz, Michael A. Ventrella. At Capclave 2023.


Samantha Katz, author of "Shema" in Jewish Futures (Capclave 2023).


L. Penelope, author of "The Eternal Library" in Three Time Travelers Walk Into... (Capclave 2023).


Brookline Booksmith, August 23, 2023 (see blog post "Tonight's signing at Brookline Booksmith")


Brookline Booksmith, which hosted the panel discussion and signing for Jewish Futures, August 23, 2023. (see blog post "Tonight's signing at Brookline Booksmith")


Left to right: Authors Abraham Josephine Reisman, S.I. Rosenbaum, E.M. Ben Shaul, cover artist Eli Portman, publisher Ian Randal Strock, and editor Michael A. Burstein (see blog post “Tonight’s signing at Brookline Booksmith”) (Brookline, MA, August 23, 2023)


The mass signing of Jewish Futures at Brookline Booksmith, August 24, 2023. (see blog post "Tonight's signing at Brookline Booksmith")


Michael A. Burstein and Ian Randal Strock holding the first two of the limited-edition copies of Jewish Futures in the exceedingly rare “half-signed state.” After the picture, Michael counter-signed his copy. I’m still wondering if I should sign mine. What do you think? (See blog post "Tonight's signing at Brookline Booksmith") (Brookline, MA, August 24, 2023)


The first copies of Jewish Futures, unboxed, in Brooklyn (July 14, 2023).


Advanced copies of Jewish Futures have arrived in Brooklyn. These books will be coming out of the boxes and going into envelopes over the next few days, to then wing their ways to the authors and Kickstarter backers. (Brooklyn, New York, July 14, 2023)


Artist Lynne Hansen with her Fantastic Books cover Three Time Travelers Walk into..., at ConCarolinas 2023.

Michael A. Ventrella with his books at Central New Jersey Mensa's Snowball Regional Gathering, March 4, 2023.

Welcome to Fantastic Books at Boskone 2023.

Randee Dawn holding "Across the Universe," which she co-edited. (Boskone 2023)

Walter H. Hunt and his novel, "A Song in Stone." (Boskone 2023)

Editor Tom Easton holding the first three volume of the "...for the Throne" anthology series. (Boskone 2023)

Daniel M. Kimmel with a pre-release copy of "Can Your Heart Stand the Shocking Facts?" His faux-scholarly deep-dive into "Plan 9 from Outer Space." (Boskone 2023)

Michael A. Burstein with his collection, "I Remember the Future." (Boskone 2023)

Steve Miller, author of one of the stories in "Release the Virgins." (Boskone 2023)

Lisa Hunt, Walter H. Hunt, Michael A. Burstein, young Ms. Burstein, and Scott Edelman. (Boskone 2023)

Andrew Porter and Fantastic Books editor Darrell Schweitzer. (Boskone 2023)

Walter Jon Williams. (Boskone 2023)


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