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Reading Outside of the Lines

Linda E. Bushyager

Genre or Accomplishment

Linda Eyster Bushyager is a long-time Philadelphia fan now living in Las Vegas. She is primarily known for publishing the genzine Granfalloon (1968–1976) and the newszine Karass (1973–1974). She was one of the founders of the Carnegie Mellon SF Club and then was one of the Founding Mothers of WPSFA in the 1960s.


Along with Linda Lounsbury, she revised Bob Tucker's Neo Fan's Guide in the mid-1970s. She edited the MidAmeriCon newsletter, Bullsheet and the fanzine Duprass.

She’s also a pro, author of several sf novels.


Books by this Author

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Master of Hawks

Fantasy Novel



The Spellstone of Shaltus

Fantasy Novel


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