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Reading Outside of the Lines

T. Jackson King

Genre or Accomplishment

T. Jackson King (Tom) is a professional archaeologist, journalist, and former Hippie. He learned early on to question authority and find answers for himself, partly due to reading lots of science fiction novels. He also worked at a radiocarbon dating laboratory at UC Riverside and UCLA. Tom attended college in Paris and Tokyo, then helped organize anti-Vietnam War demos in Japan and in Knoxville, Tennessee. Tom is a graduate of UCLA (M.A. archaeology) and the University of Tennessee (B.Sc. journalism). 

He writes hard science fiction, anthropological scifi, dark fantasy/horror, and contemporary fantasy/magic realism. Tom lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA. He has three grown children. His writings can be viewed at http://www.


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Judgment Day and Other Dreams

Science Fiction Collection



Little Brother's World

Science Fiction Novel



The Memory Singer

Science Fiction Novel


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