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Jewish Futures Publishes Today

Today is the official publication day for Jewish Futures, edited by Michael A. Burstein. It’s been a long time coming, from the thinking about it and planning it stages, to the remarkable Kickstarter campaign, and then into the writing, production, and publicity stages, and finally early distribution, to today. I’m thrilled with what we (and by we, I mean Michael, the authors, the artist, and a little bit of me) have created, and hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

I’ve previously mentioned the great Publishers Weekly review, and the wonderful mention in The Atlantic. Yesterday, author Steven H Silver talked about the genesis of his story, “Initial Engagement,” in Black Gate magazine. Today, the book is the subject of The Big Idea feature on John Scalzi’s Whatever, and author Randee Dawn talks about where her story came from on her blog.

If you don’t yet have a copy of the book (or if you need more copies to give as gifts), it’s available nearly everywhere. The trade paperback and case laminate hardcover editions are available from all the usual online sources, and because we’re distributed by Ingram, the book can be special ordered from any physical book store. The electronic edition is available from and directly from us at (it’s not yet available from Amazon because they’re being… well, Amazon. We’re dealing with them, but have no idea when they’ll realize there is no problem). [Amazon provides a number of ways to load your eBooks on your Kindle, for instance, you can email it to your Kindle address. Click here for their email instructions, however the "Other Ways to Send" column on the right side of the Amazon page also shows you the other options available to you. Please note that the preferred file format is ePub, but some older kindles still only upload MOBI files.]

So again, finally, thank you for all your support, all your encouragement. The book is here! (And if you want to support it just a little bit more, a nice review wherever you normally review books would be very much appreciated.)
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