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Daughter of Two Worlds


To her fellow pilots Gaelian is an Angel, the best of their elite fighting force. To the powerful ruling Board of Dinoreos, she is the Eldest of the Eldest of her household, scheming and plotting to claim her rightful place, while she strives on the primitive world of Cahaute.


But Gaelian is haunted by memories. Even in space she feels the Power Clans of Cahaute with her—though to surrender to the magic of her childhood would mean abandoning the honors and privileges she has worked so hard for on Dinoreos.


Then, before she can make her choice, Gaelian discovers a secret older than either of her worlds—and suddenly she holds the future of both in her hands…



"Angel at Apogee is an excellently drawn description of two races who must either learn to compromise or face extinction." —Andre Norton


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