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Cyberstealth pilots. The best of the breed. The only problem: one's a traitor…


Cargo's a down-and-dirty street kid with a crash-and-burn future—until the Bishop offers him a shot at the stars. A chance to fly a batwing, the ultimate in stealth technology. A ship as much at home at sea level as in deepest space, it is the deadliest flying machine mankind’s ever created.


Cargo's the pilot; the alien Ghoster, his eyes. They're the elite, a top-gun team fusing their skills and talents with a machine that knows no limits. It's the dream of a lifetime.


But street rules apply to the stars as well—and even ace jobs don't come free.


First, there's a war to be fought. Then, the death of a friend closer than a brother. And someone in Cargo's squadron is a spy… one who's leaking stealth technology to the enemy.


Cyberstealth… it has its costs.



"Vivid glimpses of high-tech hardware, and the black paranoid universe of a military at war." —David Drake, author of Hammer's Slammers


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