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The Electrifying Sequel to Cyberstealth.


This time it's fly or die.


They were partners in flight. The best, until treason made them rivals at war…


Once, Cargo and the alien Ghoster were the hottest top-gun team ever to master stealth technology. Their minds linked within the mechanized maze of their fighter craft, they were inseparable.


Now, they are enemies.


Betrayed by his friend and partner, Cargo has turned in his wings. But that doesn’t mean his flying days are over. Especially when he steals a spacecraft and goes after his traitorous friend…


Behind enemy lines.


It's the only way to fly.



"A high-performance story that carries you along at full throttle from start to finish." —Chris Claremont, author of Firstflight

DANCING VAC by S.N. Lewitt

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