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For thousands of years, people have used sailing ships for trade, for exploration, or simply for the pure joy of wind, water, and the feel of the tiller beneath your hand. Humanity will take the arts and sciences of sailing as they venture into distant seas of space.


In Distant Seas, science fiction author and sailor Bud Sparhawk spins sea tales spanning the frigid waters off Antarctica, at the cloud tops of Jupiter's storms, and on the wind-scoured Martian plains.


This collection follows Louella Parsons a professional, world-class sailor, as she competes—and faces near disaster—in Le Gran Venee, Earth's premier race around the world. Surviving that, she finds herself testing her sailing prowess deep in Jupiter's atmosphere. The wine-red seas of Jupiter make the brutal conditions she faced in the Southern Ocean seem trivial.


Louella and her partner then face a new challenge—to sail across the frigid plains in the thin-to-nonexistent Martian atmosphere beneath a cloud of ultra-thin fabric. But in a sailing race, there is nothing Louella will not do for her team to cross the finish line.


She is a sailor.



"Sparhawk has created a riveting and tightly wound interplanetary adventure.… a rousing and thoughtful adventure with roots as deep as the oceans themselves." —Publishers Weekly Starred Review, March 9, 2015.


"Sparhawk's descriptions of future sailing technology are ingenious and persuasive.… his depiction of Louella herself is what shines brightest. Intelligent, strong-willed, driven, and heroic—Louella Parsons has all the qualities she needs to triumph over the many obstacles in her path. It's a delight to accompany her on her adventures." —Don Sakers, Analog Science Fiction and Fact (September 2015)


"Science fiction author Bud Sparhawk merges sailing with space in his latest novel, Distant Seas. These wind-powered vessels sail through space both for trade, and for fun." —Sails magazine (June/July 2015)


John Scalzi features Distant Seas in his "The Big Idea" blog feature. In it, Bud talks about the creation of the novel, and his love of sailing. (Posted 27 April 2015)

DISTANT SEAS by Bud Sparhawk

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