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    What kind of siding do you need to protect your house from werewolves?
    Would you kill someone to prevent them from committing suicide?
    What would you say to him if you met Dr. Frankenstein?
    Imagine building a clockwork god… that truly is God.
    How many times can you execute a mass murderer?
    What is a goddess to do when her worshippers abandon her for another?
    Could you carry out a death sentence yourself?
    If you were the last person on Earth, would you know it?
    Forget “raised by wolves.” What about the boy raised by birds?
    It’s a hard life for the man who is always second.
    Imagine a world where nothing dies. Nothing.
    What would a zombie have to do to prove his status as undead?


In these Disturbing Stories, Ron Miller answers (or in some cases, asks) questions that will make you look at the world differently, and not necessarily from a position of comfort.


“Ron Miller has the rare gift of being a visionary in two ways: a superb imaginative artist who is also a fine storyteller. I’ve been an admirer of his paintings for many years; what a pleasure it is to discover that his short stories are just as wonderful. Disturbing Stories is a terrific collection; read this book, by all means.” —Allen Steele, three-time Hugo Award-winner


An excerpt of the book is available from Amazing Stories at this link.



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