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From ancient nuclear wars, to the secret of sexual attraction, with stops along the way for Bigfoot, ancient demons, and the truth behind alchemy, the stories in this book will take you on a truly fantastic journey through versions of Texas that were, could never be, and might have been.


Steam played a big part in the first rocket launch from Texas, which was about a century earlier than we thought ("A Rocket for the Republic"). An unexpected experiment still running in the abandoned Superconducting Supercollider will introduce you to "The Witch of Waxahachie". And where would you go if global warming forced you out of Dallas? Maybe "Rome, If you Want To"? After that, ask yourself if a flying saucer is worth a silver dollar ("The Silver Dollar Saucer").


The possibilities are limitless in Lou Antonelli's new collection, Fantastic Texas. Born in Massachusetts, Antontlli is a newspaper editor and up-and-coming author of speculative fiction.


Table of Contents:
Introduction by Howard Waldrop
Greetings from Deepest, Darkest East Texas
A Rocket for the Republic
The Witch of Waxahachie
The Cast Iron Dybbuk
Silence is Golden
The Rocket-Powered Cat
Rome, If You Want To
Big Girl
The Silver Dollar Saucer
Body by Fisher
Video Killed the Radio Star
Professor Malakoff's Amazing Ethereal Telegraph
About the Author




"…140 pages of the best kind of 'popcorn' fiction or beach reading, and this is a good thing. These are all enjoyable and perfect examples of well written SF in a sort of 1950's mode, which I enjoy.… an enjoyable read on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Put your feet up or go get a tan and enjoy some breezy 1950's-type SF stories." —Tangent Online

FANTASTIC TEXAS by Lou Antonelli

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