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Want something to read while you sit down for just a few minutes on the bus or in a waiting room? Here’s just the thing—Forty authors, forty stories, mostly under 2,000 words, mostly reprints. Grouped according to their themes—death, fairy tales, love, magic, and myth. You’ll also find the usual suspects—dragons, ghosts, gods, the undead, weres, and witches.


Just remember—one sitting, one read! Others are waiting!


“For the bathroom, for the bedroom, for the bus to work, for that chair in the department store where bored spouses sit while their wives or husbands try on new clothes… this is a perfect way to entertain yourself during idle moments in a way that won’t rot your mind. Read this and have fun.” —Allen Steele on Science Fiction for the Throne


Featuring stories by:
E.C. Ambrose
Erik Bundy
Michael A. Burstein
Gregg Chamberlain
Ian Creasey
Lillian Csernica
Elaine Cunningham
Wendy S. Delmater
S.B. Divya
Sarina Dorie
Marianne J. Dyson
Christopher M. Easton
Julie Frost
Jude-Marie Green
Michael Haynes
Russell Hemmell
Liam Hogan
M.X. Kelly
Ahmed A. Khan
Daniel M. Kimmel
Geoffrey A. Landis
Amir Lane
Jim Lee
Gerri Leen
Edward M. Lerner
Bob Lock
Susan Murrie Macdonald
Sarah Micklem
Kurt Newton
Wendy Nikel
Stephen S. Power
Nicole Robb
Manuel Royal
Alex Shvartsman
Steven H Silver
Laurie Tom
Marie Vibbert
John Walters
Cynthia Ward
Donna Glee Williams



"A fun collection, exactly right for those moments when you have just a few minutes to read." —Peter Heck in Asimov's Science Fiction (July/August 2019)


"A little gem. Or rather, here are 40 little gems by as many authors, all packaged in one sweet volume.… Most of us remember… the Andrew Lang Fairy Books.… In a way, Fantasy for the Throne is a modern, grown-up version of one of the Fairy Books. Definitely fun." —Don Sakers in Analog Science Fiction and Fact (January/February 2019)


"These are great, quick reads for waiting at the airport, in the bathroom, or wherever." —Andy Andrews, True Review


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