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Grandpa and Me and the Park in the City is the story of Braden, a seven-year-old who spends his summers with his grandpa in the city. Braden once loved going to the park with his grandpa. Now he's feeling sad. He thinks he's too old for the swings and the slide. But he's in for a big surprise when Grandpa takes him to the park very early one morning.


The park is filled with people of all ages. They are doing all kinds of fun exercises. Braden says he can do them, but when he tries, he realizes that they are harder than they appear. Embarrassed, he stops trying. Then it comes to him, right out of the blue, some practice and hard work and he could do the exercises too. And he learns that you're never too old to have fun in the park.


This book is for children, parents, and grandparents. It also lends itself to inter-generational, ethnic, and urban study theme units for elementary school teachers interested in creative classroom learning. Urban children especially will identify with the city park.



"Grandpa and Me and the Park in the City is a wonderful story about a boy from the country who enjoys visiting his Grandpa in the city for the summer.… Grandpa and Me and the Park in the City is written in verse and carefully illustrated with colored illustrations to pique interest. Children from urban locations will relate to the pictures and story of Braden and his Grandpa in the park." —Midwest Book Review


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