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The Remnant of Humanity is Coming Home


David Bernstein is a 17-year-old member of the Remnant of Terra, the descendants of the 2,000 people who survived the Cataclysm that destroyed human life on Earth. For two centuries the Remnant has lived among the Wyneri, who rescued the few survivors and brought them to their world. Although the Wyneri are physically and psychologically very similar to Terrans, the two species interact only when they must. The Remnant earn their keep among their alien hosts, but otherwise remain apart, devoting themselves to preserving the cultural heritage of Terra.


David, however, is fascinated with the Wyneri and their culture, an interest shared by none of his contemporaries. Attending a Wyneri performance he meets a Wyneri girl his own age, and he and Harari strike up a taboo friendship.


While David learns about his Terran heritage, he feels very much alone in trying to also learn about the history of the Terran-Wyneri relationship. Violent Wyneri xenophobia drives David to intensify his studies, and to dig into the mysteries surrounding the Cataclysm, the rescue, and the ensuing two centuries of cover-ups. He begins to suspect a long-lived cabal that has spent the years working in secret, preparing for a return to Earth.


Harari’s murder crystallizes David’s need to explore the Terran-Wyneri history. Her posthumous message proving that the Cataclysm was caused by rogue Wyneri military personnel leads David to the Remnant’s leaders, who confirm it as genuine. Their conclusion? The time has come for Terrans to separate from the Wyneri. They enlist David’s help to persuade the Remnant to return to Earth, and to encourage the Wyneri to help them.


In Memoriam
by Fred Lerner
244 pages
Simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback publication: July 2, 2024
Case Laminate (library binding) ISBN: 978-1-5154-5816-6, $25.99
Trade Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-5154-5815-9, $15.99


In Memoriam—and all Fantastic Books books—are distributed via Ingram. Review copies are available upon request.

IN MEMORIAM by Fred Lerner - ARC

  • Author

    Fred Lerner

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  • ISBN

    Trade Paperback: 978-1-5154-5815-9

    Case Laminate Hardcover: 978-1-5154-5816-6

  • Length

    244 pages

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