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Mallory McGill has no idea how she got to Coney Island Creek. The last thing she remembers is traveling to the hospital to deliver her baby. Now her baby is missing, and she is being accused of committing an unspeakable crime.


For Teri Cardello, a tough detective who has no tolerance for anyone involved in crimes against children, McGill is guilty, and there's no doubt in her mind. But her partner Sam Rothman, who once let an innocent man go to his death, refuses to be so easily convinced. "Either that girl is the worst liar in the world, or everyone else is lying and she's telling the truth," he says.


Why can't Mallory remember that fateful night? Could she have killed her baby, or is someone trying to frame her?


Someone knows the answers to these questions, and will stop at nothing—including murder—to prevent her from learning the truth.


Brooklyn-born Carren Strock is the author of Married Women Who Love Women (Doubleday, 1998; Routledge, 2008) and A Writer's Journey: What to Know Before, During, and After Writing a Book (Gray Rabbit, 2011). Visit her on the web at


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LibraryThing Reviews:

"…a wonderfully suspenseful mystery… I enjoyed this book immensely and didn't want to put it down from start to finish!"


"This book sucks you in. I could not put it down."


"…an enjoyable and fast-paced mystery."


"I really got into this book. As a mother I was thinking: what would I have done. Horrible what she had to go through. Kept me on the edge of my seat and I was glued to the book most of the time. Highly recommend to ayone who loves a good mystery."


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