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Good fences, said the poet, make good neighbors… and interstellar distances made very good fences.


Or so we thought.…


Earth and its interstellar neighbors have been in radio contact for a century and a half. A vigorous commerce in intellectual property has accelerated technical progress for all the species involved. Ideas, riding on radio waves, routinely cross interstellar space—almost like neighbors chatting over the interstellar back fence. but there is a way over, or under, or around, almost any fence. Sooner or later, when we least expect it, the neighbors, friendly or otherwise, are going to pay a call.…

InterstellarNet: New Order chronicles the startling events of Second Contact, upfront and personal, as humanity discovers that meeting aliens face to face is very different—and a lot more dangerous—than sending and receiving messages.


This is the second book of Edward M. Lerner's InterstellarNet series. 

Book 1: InterstellarNet: Origins

Book 3: InterstellarNet: Enigma


“… A twisted plot complete with conspiracies, alien psychology, antimatter physics neep, AI spies, and plenty of shooting action at the end.” —Internet Review of Science Fiction


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