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Romance, mystery and humor meet in Love Pies For Sale, the irresistible story of young and beautiful heiress Lucy Love Cromwell. A budding artist, she craves a simpler life, far away from Manhattan's madding crowds and unrelenting paparazzi. So she buys an old farm with a 20-acre apple orchard and moves in, easel and paints in tow, looking forward to a peaceful life. Instead, utter chaos ensues.


First, she attempts to turn her bounty of apples into pies, a less-than-successful venture, since she has never even boiled an egg. Then the three rambunctious puppies she's adopted unearth a gravestone etched with the initials JH, sending rumors flying that Jimmy Hoffa is buried behind her barn. In short order, her truck is firebombed and the FBI and news media start hounding her.


The one bright spot is Davis, a secretive, sexy cop who sets out to protect her. But do his hot kisses and intimate caresses mean he really cares for Lucy Love, or is he after her family's wealth like all of her other suitors?


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