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In an elegant bar named Muse On Madison, Natalie, a good-looking woman in her late twenties, sits perched on a bar stool waiting to meet a stranger, an arranged blind-date. Mistakenly, Natalie assumes Franklin—the tall, handsome gentleman entering the bar—is the man she is to meet. She waves him to her side.


Franklin is captivated by Natalie, but his advances are thwarted when a tragic accident prompts him to action, risking his own life to save Natalie.


Natalie awakens in the hospital with severe injuries and total memory loss. The only clue to who she is: Franklin's business card found in the pocket of her torn skirt.


Layer by layer, Natalie's past begins to emerge, revealing the shadows of a life she would rather not remember. Loose ends intertwine and converge, linking characters in the hectic pace of cosmopolitan Manhattan and the wide beaches of Southampton.


Muse on Madison is a contemporary love story in which lives are forever changed by a chance encounter.

MUSE ON MADISON by Bunny Shulman

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