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Fantastic Books is honored to be publishing the updated-for-the-21st-century edition of the classic (Analog called it “fascinating”) Project Solar Sail


Arthur C. Clarke’s “Sunjammer” updated an ancient dream, taking millions of readers on a sailing regatta in space. His stirring tale sparked a tech revolution that’s coming true today—interplanetary vehicles, navigating across the Solar System on inexhaustible torrents of sunlight!


Many others have since explored the coming, renewed age of sail. This intriguing anthology—updated for a new century—features both up-to-the-minute facts and future visions of solar sailing in a fascinating mix of stories, essays, and illustrations. Contributors range from JPL scientists to Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, Kevin Anderson, and Ray Bradbury. From classics by Arthur C. Clarke, David Brin, Joe Clifford Faust, and Larry Niven, to the latest missions by NASA and the Planetary Society. Even interstellar possibilities—explored by Robert L. Forward & Joel Davis—are now carried even farther in reports by space pioneers like Les Johnson, Robert Staehle & Louis Friedman. This 21st Century Edition, specially crafted by David Brin and Stephen W. Potts, also includes a lost gem by Jack Vance.


Of the original edition, Locus said “[T]his is not a book of dry prospects. The diversity of our strengths and the zest of the ideas unleashed is revealed by the range of fiction.… There is a ton of sense of wonder packed into this book, all about gossamer ships.”



Preface to the 21st Century edition by David Brin
Foreword to the 20th Century edition: The Winds of Space by Arthur C. Clarke
Introduction to the 20th Century edition: Sailing the Void by Isaac Asimov
To Sail Beyond the Sun by Ray Bradbury and Jonathan V. Post
Tripping the Light Fantastic: Lightsails in Science Fiction by Stephen W. Potts
Sail 25 by Jack Vance
The Wind from the Sun by Arthur C. Clarke
Sailing on Light: Today and the Near Future by Les Johnson
Sunjammer by Poul Anderson
Lightsail by Scott E. Green
The LightSail Program Propels Solar Sailing Forward by Bruce Betts
The Fourth Profession by Larry Niven
Sails in an Interplanetary Economy by Robert L. Staehle and Louis Friedman
Rescue at L-5 by Kevin J. Anderson and Doug Beason
Lightsails to the Stars by Robert L. Forward and Joel Davis
Grand Tour by Charles Sheffield
Riding on a Beam of Light by Steve Nadis
Explorers by David Brin
Goodnight, Children by Joe Clifford Faust
About the Authors

PROJECT SOLAR SAIL edited by Clarke, Brin, & Potts

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