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The Complete "Near Space" Stories, Expanded Edition


All the stories of Allen Steele's award-winning "Near Space" series—now in an expanded and revised second edition!


Since its first publication in 1999, Sex and Violence in Zero-G has become one of the most long-sought and hard-to-find of Steele's books. At last, this massive collection is back in print—complete with a new introduction, five additional stories, and a revised timeline.


Includes the Hugo Award-winning novella "The Death of Captain Future" and the Hugo Award-winning novelette "The Emperor of Mars."


Table of Contents:

Introduction (1999): The Coming of the Space Age
Introduction (2010): Return to Near-Space
Walking on the Moon
The Diamondback Jack Quartet:
     Free Beer and the William Casey Society
     The Return of Weird Frank
     Sugar's Blues
     The Flying Triangle
The Zoo Team
Live from the Mars Hotel
The War Memorial
The Great Galactic Ghoul
The Emperor of Mars
Zwarte Piet's Tale
The Weight
The Captain Future Duet:
     The Death of Captain Future
     The Exile of Evening Star
0.0G Sex: A User's Guide
Working for Mister Chicago
High Roller
Shepherd Moon
Appendix 1: "Near Space" Timeline
Appendix 2: Spacecraft and Space Station Designs



…the Near Space series "presents a realistic and action-packed modern vision of the industrialization of space and those who make it happen. If the collective governments of the world had any sense, they'd be using these books as texts for ushering in a future worth having.… Never read Allen Steele? Here's a great place to start. If you like Analog, you'll like Steele. Already an Allen Steele fan? Then what are you doing still reading? Go get the book already!" —Don Sakers, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, June 2012.


Listed as one of the "titles worth a look" for January 2012. —John DeNardo in Kirkus Reviews


Reviews of the first edition:

"Sex and Violence in Zero-G collects some important work by an author who has become one of the finer hard science fiction writers around… definitely a worthwhile collection." —Sci-Fi Weekly (A-)


"Steele's vision of the future offers a great departure from the idea that Space is for the elite." —Tangent Online


"For those of you unfortunate enough to have not yet discovered Allen Steele, this collection of short stories is the perfect place to start." —Explorations


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