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Einstein and Lovecraft Travel in Time to Battle Cthulhu


After stopping Szilveszter Matuska from tearing the fabric of reality to release Cthulhu from his imprisonment in 1910, Albert Einstein and H.P. Lovecaft must follow the madman to 1879. While Szilveszter adds a number of followers to his cause as he crosses the United States and Europe, Albert and Howard recruit Billy the Kid, Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, and Jules Verne. Eldritch creatures and enigmatic beings of indescribable power aid the party for reasons they refuse to share as Albert and Howard race toward madness in an effort to stop Szilveszter and return back to their place in time.


Apollo Harrison is the pen name for Brian Koscienski, Chris Pisano, and Jefff Young wherever they tell tales of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and SteamPunk. They have each had works published on their own, but have found greater success after joining together to form The Novel Guys ( They skulk the realm of south central Pennsylvania and can sometimes be found at area conventions. If you happen to see one of them, feel free to say, “Hi!” They’re harmless.


The Architects
by Apollo Harrison
242 pages
Simultaneous hardcover and trade paperback publication: June 4, 2024
Case Laminate (library binding) ISBN: 978-1-5154-5814-2, $25.99
Trade Paperback: ISBN: 978-1-5154-5813-5, $15.99


The Architects—and all Fantastic Books books—are distributed via Ingram. Review copies are available upon request.

THE ARCHITECTS by Apollo Harrison

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