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Leonie thought she'd murdered her famous, wealthy husband.


"I killed him," she wails to her friend Ann. "I let him eat chocolate ice cream, even though the doctor said it'd kill him. Then, when his face dropped in the bowl, I just left him there, and he drowned."


Leonie didn't kill him, of course, but after the wake—with its memorable and delicious chocolate brown theme—she learns that he'd gambled away all their money. Now she wishes she had, indeed, done the dirty deed.


A former waitress in a truck stop, she isn't equipped to earn enough to keep up the mansion she shared with her husband, but her friends talk her into putting her home to work. Specifically, the home becomes a bordello-spa with one important difference: here, the women are serviced by the men.


"All we have to do is get the mayor's and police chief's wives to join the club and nobody can touch us," Ann says. She's right, but life at the mansion turns out to be anything but idyllic. There are police raids, a nosy, dog hating woman living next door, and a houseful of gorgeous hunks trying to make every woman's fantasies come true.


The trials, the tribulations, and adventures of Leonie and her friends will have you laughing out loud. You won't put down this entertaining caper of a book until you've finished every last page.


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