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Seventeen-year-old Kallam Gondwana doesn't care much for the thrice-weekly church services he's forced to sit through, but they're a minor annoyance in the life of luxury and privilege he enjoys as one of Kanda's Favored. Whether riding roller coasters or mountain biking with his best friend Kimble, Kallam fills his days with fun and relaxation. His greatest challenge is deciding which Vocational Classes to sign up for and if he should pursue a career designing coasters or serving as a pastor. But an accident throws him into a secret world he never dreamed existed. Much tougher choices with far greater consequences now lie before Kallam, as he realizes the utopian paradise he has always known is built on lies and oppression. As his eyes open to the truth that has always surrounded him, Kallam must decide what kind of person he is and which side he wants to stand on—no matter the cost.



"A fascinating coming-of-age story. A terrific adventure set in a believable and terrifying future." —John L. French, author of Monsters Among Us and Past Sins


"What a delightful tale of YA dystopia! The world Mr. Bolt has created is well-crafted and haunting." —Christy Nicholas, author of The Druid's Brooch Series


"A wonderful and frightening futuristic parable for readers of all ages." —Patrick Thomas, author of Murphy's Lore and Fairy With A Gun

THE FAVORED by Morgan J. Bolt

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