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Lila, Sheila, and Greta are middle-aged housewives married to sex-challenged older men. Their solution is ingenious and wicked. The delicious home-baked chocolate cupcakes they feed their husbands are laced with sex-enhancing drugs. The women are deliriously happy until the pills run out, and Jerry's doctor refuses to renew the prescription.


"I need passion, excitement, adventure," Sheila tells her friends. "We have to do something, or the three of us are going to shrivel up and die."


So the feisty women plan a daring heist at a local supermarket pharmacy to stock up on more of that "sweet elixir of life." For more excitement, Sheila sneaks into their clubhouse movie theatre and exchanges the scheduled film for a raunchy, pornographic, flick that'd curl the hairs in a rabbi's beard. The elderly moviegoers stampede out of the clubhouse in a mad panic, which causes a couple of heart attacks.


You'll scream, laugh out loud, cheer, and cry as you follow these brazen, reckless women's pursuit of sex, fun, and happiness, and you'll never again think of a Florida retirement community as a place to play canasta, or Mah Jongg, or go out for early-bird dinners.


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