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The Mad House On Sutton Place is a screwball comedy mixed with a mystery and lots of romance.


When Merrie Dixon flees from her abusive husband after filing for divorce, she heads to Manhattan where her brother has rented a room for her in a swanky Sutton Place apartment. Unfortunately, the building isn't upscale. And her roommate turns out to be a 4'10" eccentric, black ex-hooker named Lulu, whose decorating business is in the toilet because she only decorates in black.


A few days after settling into her all-black bedroom, Merrie discovers a body stuffed in the basement's clothes dryer, and the tall redhead looks a lot like her. Now Merrie's terrified that her husband has hired a hit man to knock her off so he can keep all of their assets.


To make matters worse, Merrie is the police's prime suspect, so it's up to her, Lulu, and her two gay midget friends to find the killer. As the oddball friends try to solve the murder, Merrie finds herself pursued by two very sexy and eligible bachelors, both of whom make her toes curl and her heart race.


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