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Hold on tight. In The Past Rushes Forward, Homicide Detective Catherine Delaney's life spirals into a deadly game after overhearing the words "Pussy Cat" behind her in a supermarket. That raspy voice—and those two exact words—have filled her nightmares for twenty years. He's the man who climbed through her bedroom window on the night of her twelfth birthday to brutally rape her, whispering Pussy Cat over and over again.


A young, terrified-looking girl standing beside the man says he's her father when questioned. But Catherine doesn't believe the child, so she follows them outside and jots down his license plate number.


While Catherine and her partner, Cody O'Dell, try to solve a series of drive-by murders, she finds herself stalked, taunted, and threatened by the depraved man. Realizing there's only one way to save the girl and herself, Catherine sets herself up as the bait to capture or kill him.


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