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Nathan’s was closed! That was the final straw… or so Roberta thought.


After her husband left for a younger woman, a Nathan’s hot dog would have been just the thing to cheer her up. Instead, late at night in a truck stop food court, she commiserated with four other depressed women: Susie, whose boyfriend fled when she mentioned marriage. Sylvia, who’d been duped out of her house by an evil step-daughter. Ellie, fired by the boss she’d been sleeping with. And Gloria, the attorney whose husband had been cheating on her… with Ellie.


As the sun rises, Roberta discovers her car has been towed, and accepts a ride on the back of gun-toting Mario’s Harley. Then Sylvia and Gloria move in with Roberta, and before she can catch her breath, her serial-fainter, ultra-religious twin sister Marlene—and Marlene’s gay daughter—unexpectedly show up at her front door.


The Rejects is a laugh-out-loud, heart-warming, fast-paced story of unique and lovable characters, and the challenges they undertake to improve their lives and make themselves into stronger, more independent women.


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