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What do you seek at the end of this road? What have you brought to pay your way? The road is full of hazards, and the marketplace can cost more than you expect.


In Trafficking in Magic, Magicking in Traffic, editors David Sklar and Sarah Avery bring you 18 magical tales of travel and transactions, ranging from busking in a train station to walking between the worlds, from doppelgangers for hire to capturing the remnants of the dead.


Ideal to read on your vacation, commute, or flight from vengeful ghosts, this collection features classic stories by Elizabeth Bear, Daniel Braum, George R. Galuschak and Darrell Schweitzer, as well as new work by Pauline J. Alama, Megan Arkenberg, D.W. Carlson, Joyce Chng, M.C. DeMarco, E. Grace Diehl, James Enge, Manny Frishberg, Sara M. Harvey, Scott Hungerford, Deborah Grabien, Deirdre M. Murphy, Rhonda Parrish, Richard Rider, and Heather Stearns.



The Roadseller's Trade by E. Grace Diehl
A Favor Has No Price by Sara M. Harvey
White Feathers by Heather Stearns
Pennies from Hell by Darrell Schweitzer
Ghost Diamonds by Scott Hungerford
Share by Rhonda Parrish
Across the Darien Gap by Daniel Braum
Only a Week by Joyce Chng
Sleight Changes by Manny Frishberg
Strawmen by Megan Arkenberg
And Everyone Goes by Deborah Grabien
Boney Fingers by Deirdre M. Murphy
War Beneath the World by James Enge
Slowpoke by Pauline J. Alama
And the Deep Blue Sea by Elizabeth Bear
Squirrels for Kali by M.C. DeMarco
Soul Responsibility by D.W. Carlson
Slow Down by Richard Rider
Middle-aged Weirdo in a Cadillac by George R. Galuschak


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