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Earth is gone, blown to bits in battle with the alien Sejiedi. Now the remnants of humanity fight on, in uneasy alliance with the Galactic League—their only purpose to avenge their world, their only pride the Honor of the Wing.


But League politics will not tolerate pride in a refugee people, and the White Wing is under insidious attack. A powerful enemy attempts to brand one unit of the Wing as traitors, discrediting the entire human race.


But the Honor of the Wing is not so easily compromised.…



"A powerful story by a strong new talent." —Gordon R. Dickson


"In this post-Vietnam era when even Heinlein has turned to fantasy and social satire, sf novels of military action and ideals may seem almost as archaic (if still as popular) as tales of opera-cloaked vampires. It takes a particularly talented author to produce military sf with an appeal for non-believers, the un-gung-ho. Gordon Kendall has managed it in his first novel, WHITE WING.… It's a political situation as desperate as anything conceived by C.J. Cherryh—though considerably easier to grasp.… What's most impressive about these men and women is not their heroism or even their cherished honor, though these are impressive enough, but rather their maturity. Though the squad has its ace fighter jocks and hotheads, a whole range of human flaws, it survives because its members are essentially responsible, intelligent adults—rare figures in space opera's gallery of glorified adolescents.… Kendall explores his characters' dilemma in a clever, dynamic plot filled with intrigue, danger, and surprises." —Locus (review of the original publication, September 1985)


"Emphasis is on the interplay of characters.… It's an interesting book." —Amazing Stories (review of the original publication, March 1986)

WHITE WING by Shariann Lewitt & Susan Shwartz

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