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Uncle River

Genre or Accomplishment

Uncle River lives in Pie Town, New Mexico, just west of the Continental Divide. A hundred miles from Mogollon, this still is in Catron County, which River has called home for four decades. It's a county almost as large as Massachusetts, the state where River grew up, with a population about the same as the student body of the high school he attended. River's other work includes the novels King Freedom and Nitebox. River's story collection, Counting Tadpoles, includes work originally published in Analog, Asimov's Science Fiction, and Amazing Stories. When not writing, chopping firewood, or tending the eight foot fence to keep the elk out of his garden, River likes to grow lots of beets, squash, and dill.


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King Freedom

Science Fiction Novel



The Mogollon News

Quasi-Fiction Collection


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