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Welcome to our Bookstore!

We're an eclectic small press based in Brooklyn, New York City!


Our Featured Titles

From our Fantastic Books & Gray Rabbit Imprints

Welcome to our brand new web site! Same great books; brand new, easier-to-navigate, easier-to-read web site.

If you've tried to email us the first two weeks of January, you may have gotten a bounce notice, and for sure didn't get your missive. Combined with the change-over for this new web site, we had an email outage. But now our email addresses are back on line.

Fantastic Books will be at Heliosphere in Piscataway, New Jersey (April 28-30), and Balticon in Baltimore, Maryland (May 26-29).


Latest News

New Books, Kickstarter Updates,
Appearances, and more!

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A book is a gift you can open again and again.


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