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Welcome to our Bookstore!

We're an eclectic small press based in Brooklyn, New York City!


Our Featured Titles

From our Fantastic Books & Gray Rabbit Imprints

Welcome to our web site! Same great books; brand new, easier-to-navigate, easier-to-read web site. We don't update daily; only when there's something new to say. But do look around; we have some exclusive-to-this-web site offerings.

Fantastic Books will be at Arisia in Boston, Massachusetts (January 12-15) and then, four weeks later, in the same hotel for Boskone (February 9-11). We're always looking for other interesting conventions or places to showcase our books, if you've got any in mind.


Latest News

New Books, Kickstarter Updates,
Appearances, and more!

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A book is a gift you can open again and again.


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