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SERVANT OF THE JACKAL GOD: The Tales of Kamose, Archpriest of Anubis by Keith Taylor


Night-Black Sorcery and the Wrath of Malevolent Gods


More than any writer since Robert E. Howard, Keith Taylor has a unique ability to evoke sheer terror amid the remote and haunted reaches of the ancient world. His tales of Kamose, archpriest of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death have been among the most popular features of the modern Weird Tales magazine. Kamose… awesomely powerful, yet scarred, cursed, and nearly driven mad by forces even he cannot control for long.… Here are eleven of his supernatural adventures, two of them published for the first time.


"…convincing and authentic, revealing a deep knowledge of the history and cultures of the period." —The Encyclopedia of Fantasy


Keith Taylor's fiction won two Ditmar Awards, and was nominated for four more, as well as for two Aurealis Awards.


Table of Contents:
Daggers and a Serpent
Emissaries of Doom
Haunted Shadows
The Emerald Scarab
Where Are You When the Moon Shall Rise?
The Company of the Gods
The Archpriest's Potion
Corpse's Wrath
Return of Ganesh
The Shabti Assassin


  • Author

    Keith Taylor

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  • ISBN

    Trade Paperback: 978-1-5154-2360-7

  • Length

    206 pages

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