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Join the InterstellarNet

Fantastic Books is pleased to bring Edward M. Lerner’s InterstellarNet back into print.

When the first call from the stars comes, do we even dare to answer? Stanley Schmidt called InterstellarNet “one of the most original, believable, thoroughly thought-out, and utterly fascinating visions of what interstellar contact might really be like.”

In volume 2, we thought that “good fences that make good neighbors,” but it turns out that interstellar distances don’t provide fences quite high enough, and Second Contact—actually meeting our alien neighbors face to face—may be far more dangerous than simply communicating.

In book 3, which won the Canopus Award, “humanity once feared that we might be alone in the universe. Now we know better. And we’ve learned there are worse things than being alone…” Ben Bova called it “a breathtakingly richly realized vision of what tomorrow’s civilization may look like,” while Galaxy’s Edge said it is “an exceptional book in an excellent series.”

The InterstellarNet books are available everywhere in both trade paperback and ebook formats.

InterstellarNet: Origins

InterstellarNet: New Order

InterstellarNet: Enigma

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